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  Movies You Won't Find at Wal-Mart

Daniel Everett: Endangered Languages and Lost Knowledge (Anthropology)

500 Nations (A documentary about Native Americans hosted by Kevin Costner)

Music Instinct: Science & Song -A documentary about the unique and universally distinguishing trait in humans known to us as "Music".

Chief Seattle's Treaty Oration - Henry A. Smith (A short speech encapsulating Native American Chief Seattle's message)

The Story of Stuff (Short documentary about consumerism)

The Power of Nightmares (A documentary about Geo-Politics)

Latcho Drom (Bon Voyage/Safe Journey) - A film about gypsies and their music from different parts of the world.

War Made Easy (Trailer)
    Full Movie (Click Here)

The Art of Creating Creatures

Meat.org (Warning: Some viewers may find the industry of modern meat offensive)

Blogs I Like:

Boing Boing (A directory of wonderful things)


Lifehacker (Computer Innovations)

Smallist (About Little Things)

Seek After Truth

This Next (Real recommendations from real people)

Six Wise - How to be safe, live long and prosper.