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Goliath on CD Baby

Goliath Flores debut CD on CD Baby


And on iTunes

- More music - 

This is a moody track I did for a Mexican folk art exhibit.

 Here and here are several more of my recordings. Enjoy!  
• I made the music for the film California Winter (link to flim's official site).
• I also made the music for the short film The Convert (link to video).
• My adventures in film scoring, a blog post of mine.

— Video —

YouTube Video



Play Dates

June 7th 9pm: The Casbah Avondale, FL

June 8th, 7pm: The Brick Avondale, FL

June 14th, 9pm: The Casbah Avondale, FL

June 15th, 7pm: The Brick Avondale, FL

June 21st, 9pm: The Casbah Avondale, FL

June 22nd, 7pm: The Brick Avondale, FL

June 27th, 5:30pm to 8pm : Tapas Tuesday at The Cummer Museum of Art Riverside, FL

June 28th, 9pm: The Casbah Avondale, FL

June 29th, 7pm: The Brick Avondale, FL