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                   Multi-instrumentalist musician, singer, songwriter, and composer.

Hi this is Goliath's dad. My son left this page logged in on his computer. I'd like to tell you... Goliath was found newly hatched in a dragon egg near a volcano in Hawaii. Scientists brought him to the mainland and he was given to a Mexican family to raise him (us). Now Goliath likes tacos and frijoles de la olla, and he is part dragon. Everything written below this is a lie! Ay.. here he comes

Hi cabrones y cabronas,

I was born and raised in the Mexican American neighborhoods of Los Angeles CA. I got my start in music from my parents, who loved to sing mariachi, ranchera, banda, and corrido music on their karaoke machine at home. Most of my family are decent singers, but none besides myself became a musician. My musical focus has shifted and expanded over the years, depending on what I'm working on or my interests. I started as a singer/songwriter and classical guitarist, then expanded into being an R&B and Rap music producer, and in more recent years have included playing Flamenco guitar, an
d making music for film into my profession.

    I strive to be a societal-y, politically, and artistically conscious person. And, most of my work reflects that. After having completed the laborious task of scoring and performing a soundtrack for a feature film, I'm currently recording new material and trying to plug myself back into the musical market, which has gone through exhaustive changes in past ten years alone.

    I'm predominantly a live performer, and currently I play mostly in N.E. Florida, and south Georgia. Although, I've played in a few other big cities across the U.S. like San Francisco, Oakland, Dallas, Atlanta, and Miami.


 My first and only Classical Guitar teacher was Christopher McGuire, and he studied with Andres Segovia, whom is quite responsible for classical guitar becoming a relevant thing. Since then I've done some instructing myself, but I'm mostly a performing and composition artist.

    Also, I'm honored to have worked with the non-profit organization 
Body & Soul (The art of Healing) since like 2004, which is about musicians playing for hospital patients, both in groups and at their bedsides.

         Contact: goliath11@gmail.com

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