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Updated: 8/15/2017

Drink plenty of water.

Play Dates

August 9th 9pm: The Casbah Avondale, FL

August 10th, 7pm: The Brick Avondale, FL

August 16th, 9pm: The Casbah Avondale, FL

August 17th, 7pm: The Brick Avondale, FL

August 23rd, 9pm: The Casbah Avondale, FL

August 24th, 7pm: The Brick Avondale, FL

August 29th, 5:30pm to 8pm : Tapas Tuesday at The Cummer Museum of Art Riverside, FL

August 30th, 9pm: The Casbah Avondale, FL

August 31st, 7pm: The Brick Avondale, FL

Do it.

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Goliath Flores - Goliath Flores

    I've received a few comments on how my website looks old. HAHAHA!
I made it look old. 
It's a bit of nostalgia for you.
Shout out to Maria for supporting my podcast via Patreon.

Latin  /  Eclectic  /  Flamenco fusion

multi-Instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, film composer

Words (8/15/17): My mariachi band is for hire!

Also, Check out my podcast sometime.

Jamming on some flamenco (tangos) for like wayyy too long
 at The Buddha Lounge in San Marco, FL. People weren't 
really listening so we just kept going.

Elucidate w/ Goliath Flores podcast