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Updated: 11/23/2015


Play Dates

November 4th, 9pm: The Casbah Avondale, FL

November 5th, 7:00pm: The Brick Avondale, FL

November 11th, 9pm: The Casbah Avondale, FL

November 12th, 7:00pm: The Brick Avondale, FL

November 14th, 7pm to 10pm: Indochine, The Buddha Lounge San Marco, FL

November 18th, 9pm: The Casbah Avondale, FL

November 19th, 7:00pm: The Brick Avondale, FL

November 21st, 6:30pm: Don Juan's Mexican Restaurant Mandarin, FL

November 25th, 9pm: The Casbah Avondale, FL

November 24th, 5pm to 7:30pmTapas Tuesday at The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens Downtown Jacksonville, FL

November 26th, 7:00pm: The Brick Avondale, FL

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Goliath Flores - Goliath Flores

Latin  /  Eclectic  /  Flamenco fusion

Multi-Instrumentalist, singer/songwriter.

Jamming on some tangos flamenco
 at The Buddha Lounge in San Marco FL


HEY! Guess what? We don't have internet at home,
on purpose. We're doing a productivity/life experiment.
I'll tell you, it feels REALLY weird not having
internet at home, but I can still 
check my email, and you can text/call me.

Elucidate w/ Goliath Flores podcast