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Updated: 5/4/2016


Play Dates

May 5th, 3:30pm to 7:30pm: Cantina Laredo - Cinco de Mayo Celebration Town Center, FL

May 6th, 4pm to 8pm: Table One Jacksonville Beach, FL

May 11th, 9pm: The Casbah Avondale, FL

May 12th, 7pm: The Brick Avondale, FL

May 18th, 9pm: The Casbah Avondale, FL

May 20th, 7pm to 10pm: HOBNOB  Jacksonville, FL

May 25th, 9pm: The Casbah Avondale, FL

May 26th, 7pm: The Brick Avondale, FL

May 27th, 6pm: Indochine's The Buddha Lounge San Marco, FL


Music available as

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Goliath Flores - Goliath Flores

Latin  /  Eclectic  /  Flamenco fusion

Multi-Instrumentalist, singer/songwriter.

Jamming on some tangos flamenco
 at The Buddha Lounge in San Marco FL


Hey everybody! I'm working on new recordings. It's tricky
recording at home. Also, the film I scored the music
to (California Winter) is FINALLY out after two solid years
of distribution woes.

Elucidate w/ Goliath Flores podcast