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Updated: 10/20/2014


Play Dates

October 17th, 6pm: Azucena Corner Deli Downtown Jacksonville, FL

October 18th, 6:50pm: Eco Latino - 7th Annual Hispanic Art Walk (Main stage) Downtown Jacksonville, FL

October 22nd, 9pm: 
The Casbah Avondale, FL

October 23rd, 7:30pm: The Brick Avondale, FL

October 29th, 9pm: The Casbah Avondale, FL

October 30th, 7:30pm: The Brick Avondale, FL

Music available as

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Goliath Flores - Goliath Flores


My next gig is at The Casbah on Wednesday.
If you don't go there you'll be all like "Man, I 
should have gone to The Casbah 'cause where
I'm at is LAME!"  -G  

E-mail me if you have any questions,
about my music, about life, about society,
or politics, or ANYTHING. I'll do my
best to answer them: goliath11@gmail.com

Latin  /  Eclectic  /  Flamenco

Goliath is a multi-instrumentalist whose music is primarily influenced by
 folk music from around the world. His passionate and unique style of live performance has gained him a diverse international audience. 

This is a song from the Miradas art exhibition, songs made 
for Mexican visual art pieces. 

 Here and here's some music I made for film.
 Here and here are several more of my recordings. Enjoy!  

Here's a video of Goliath modestly doing his thing for TV:


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